TEZASIA Hackathon 2023 concludes successfully: Over 200+ dapps are built with the potential to transform various industries

  • Female participation at TEZASIA 2023 up by 43% from last year, shows growing number of women developers in India
  • TEZASIA Hackathon saw participation from India & beyond – other countries including, Australia, Brazil, and Mali.

New Delhi, India, 11th October 2023, ZEX PR WIRETezos India, a leading blockchain adoption entity announced the successful completion of TEZASIA 2023, one of Asia’s largest Tezos hackathon. Spanning an entire month, this hackathon drew participation from more than 14,000 developers, reinforcing its position as a pivotal event in the Asian developer community. The primary objective of this event was to nurture blockchain talent and promote awareness of Tezos blockchain technology in Asia.

The hackathon received an overwhelming response, with over 1000+ project ideas submitted, resulting in the creation of more than 200+ projects. These projects showcase the immense potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise various industries.

Speaking about the remarkable success of TEZASIA Hackathon 2023, Poorvi Sachar, Head of Operations at Tezos India, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “TEZASIA Hackathon 2023 marks a significant milestone for Tezos India and the broader blockchain industry. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to blockchain technology adoption by bringing together developers, companies, and Web3 innovators on a unified platform. I am delighted to witness the rich and diverse talent pool within the blockchain community, capable of positioning India as a global hub for Web3 innovation.”

She added, “The high-quality projects delivered by participants have opened new horizons for innovation, and Tezos India remains committed to simplifying blockchain technology for its widespread adoption.”

Tezos India is dedicated to providing continued support to the projects that emerged from TEZASIA Hackathon 2023 as they embark on their innovation journey. Below is a list of 9 projects selected for the final pitch in front of an esteemed panel of judges (not ranked):

  • Blocks Gaming – A platform where traditional gaming converges with blockchain innovation, offering a comprehensive web-based gaming experience with NFTs, staking, and asset ownership. This project is built by Yadnyesh, Paras Raut, Ishan Dhyani, and Harsh Tulli.
  • TezoTix – A blockchain-based movie ticketing service that utilizes non-transferable NFTs for faster, more secure, and anonymous movie ticket purchases, eliminating duplicates and fake tickets. This project is built by Ankit Choudhary and Atharv Varshney.
  • Owl – A decentralized solution for gaming distribution through NFT licensing. This project was developed by Sahebjeet Singh ,Prabhpreet Singh , Jasmeet Singh and Surkhab Singh.
  • Healthcare Record Management Project – Revolutionising healthcare record management through blockchain, facilitating secure data sharing, interoperation, and seamless collaboration among doctors, patients, and diagnosis centres. This project is built by Pranay Pandey.
  • FunSurf – Built on the Etherlink rollup, FunSurf brings a player-centric approach to decentralised gaming, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. This project is built by Shwetal Soni and Anshit.
  • AnswerNFT – Minting unique puzzles, riddles and questions as NFTs, and selling ownerships via solutions. This project is developed by Saksham Bisen.
  • Gamify – Gamify is a platform designed to cater to gaming enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike. It combines the thrill of gaming with the potential for financial gain, creating an ecosystem that is both entertaining and rewarding. This project is developed by Kanishk Chhabra and Mayank Goel.
  • FlexPass – A Blockchain-based Movie Ticket Booking Platform. Revolutionizing the movie-watching experience for everyone, incorporating ticket resale. This project is built by Sanjeeban Parasar, Shweta Sanadhya , Tejas Dumbre , and Varun Khachane.
  • Roll The Dice – Roll the dice is a multi-player number (1-6) guessing and betting (tez) game on tezos blockchain. This project is built by Ishant Dahiwale.

The Demo Day at TEZASIA Hackathon 2023 featured a distinguished panel of judges at the forefront of their respective fields. The esteemed judges included Om Malviya, President of Tezos India; Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth at Tezos India; Ayush Patel, Startup Analyst at Builders Trube; Vishal Sanap, Cofounder at Graviton, and Pranav, Head of Capital at Foundership.

The feedback from participants was highly encouraging. During the hackathon, the developers found Tezos tools highly useful and appreciated Tezos India’s inclusive approach towards blockchain governance. The developers really liked the on-chain protocol upgrades which allows active participation from the community in the evolution of Tezos Blockchain.

Overall, TEZASIA Hackathon 2023 stands as a testament to the thriving blockchain ecosystem in Asia and the global potential of Tezos technology. The remarkable turnout of developers, the innovative projects, and the spirit of collaboration demonstrated throughout the event confirm that the hackathon was a resounding success, further solidifying Tezos India’s commitment to advancing blockchain innovation.

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