The popularity of the blockchain game sector is soaring, and WINNER’s blockchain game aggregation platform continues to ferment

United States, 27th Oct 2023, King NewsWireRecently, there have been frequent positive developments in the chain gaming industry, with many related projects receiving large amounts of financing. In addition, Google, the world’s largest browser, announced that it will allow NFT game advertisements to be placed starting from September 15, which means that more Web2 network users will be exposed to Web3 games by then.

A report jointly released by DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance in early September showed that Web3 game financing surged to US$297 million in July 2023, a year-on-year increase of 336.76%, of which 63% of the funds flowed into infrastructure. Insiders have always been optimistic about the blockchain gaming sector. One of the ten crypto fields that Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong is most interested in is blockchain gaming.

This year may usher in an explosion of high-quality chain games

Today, as the blockchain and gaming industries are increasingly integrated, with keen market insight and excellent technical strength, WINNER has created a decentralized NFT chain game aggregation platform based on the Web 3.0 concept, integrating games and blockchain technology The perfect combination realizes the digital asset circulation in the game.


We will take you into a new gaming world, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, no matter what your gaming preferences are, we can provide you with the best experience. It integrates game promotion, game advertising and game trial play to generate revenue, and at the same time provides game users with generous profits and interactive rights. We will actively develop our own games and provide extensive cooperation opportunities to promote the development and innovation of the game industry.

WINNER will combine blockchain technology and the game industry to provide players and game developers with a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Combining the game industry and blockchain technology, it provides a unique ecosystem for players and game developers. We will launch multiple functions on the platform such as game promotion, game advertising, and revenue from game trials to bring users a new gaming experience and provide game users with generous returns and interactive rights.

WINNER series of self-operated games to create high-quality platform applications

It has launched a series of high-quality games, covering role-playing, strategy, card and other types, with the purpose of meeting the needs of different player groups.

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It is planned to launch 15 high-quality chain games on its own. The first football-themed concept “Penalty Shootout” will be launched soon. “Penalty Shootout” is a sports competitive chain game. GameFi + sports NFT, this is not only the battlefield of the game , it is the cradle of your wealth. Score 1-4 goals and you can share in the results of the game and get your rewards steadily. And on this football stage, there is an eye-catching MVP opportunity waiting for you. There is a 10% probability of becoming the focus of the audience and receiving a huge bonus in an instant! Every game is a reflection of your wisdom, and every investment is worth it. It’s a bet on victory. The three major ecosystems of “Penalty Shootout”: FIFA penalty shootout, passionate set-piece, NFT sports collection and blind box. The core principle is the utility of NFT. The collection value of NFT is short-lived and can only attract a small audience. So we’ve built products that can take NFTs and monetize them.


Collect game equipment fragments of different levels and types, including sneakers NFT, jersey NFT, socks NFT, and pants NFT, and synthesize star card NFT. These NFTs are not only in-game equipment, but also a digital asset that can be traded outside the game. , to maintain its circulation value. Relying on the development of the WINNER protocol platform, WINNER NFT can be used as a digital asset to link all games on the platform, allowing WT assets to circulate freely and realize value confirmation.


V+CHAT integrates blockchain-based decentralized mobile communications and cryptocurrency financial services, including payments, fund transfers, cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity mining (DeFi). V+CHAT communications are completely anonymous as the platform does not require any personal or mobile details upon registration and provides end-to-end encryption for all messages and shared files.

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V+CHAT can be used for both personal chat and group discussion. Groups can be removed from the app at any time and users can be blocked if they are concerned about their privacy and security. With V+CHAT, cryptocurrency payments and transfers can be made instantly and easily. V+CHAT provides an e-wallet that supports multiple tokens on the blockchain and can transfer funds from one user to another with one click during chat or between users.

In addition to cryptocurrency payments and transfers, V+CHAT provides its users with a “one-stop service” for all cryptocurrency-based financial operations and needs. V+CHAT integrates mobile cryptocurrency exchanges for cryptocurrency exchange and trading. The exchange supports a variety of cryptocurrencies listed and traded on major exchanges, as well as conversion to and from our APP tokens. Users only need to invest funds in DeFi with one click to enjoy the interest income on crypto assets.

V+CHAT integrates an online shopping experience where users can offer and purchase unique NFT artwork and stickers to enrich their communication experience. NFTs can be browsed through the V+CHAT store and purchased with one click by confirming payment through the user wallet. NFTs are delivered to users’ wallets and can be used in individual and group chats, giving WINNER users a wide range of options to personalize communications with others.

The WINNER chain game aggregation platform breaks the barriers of traditional game platforms and realizes the interoperability of virtual assets between different games and different platforms through blockchain technology. This means that the virtual items you obtain in one game can be used in other compatible games. Continue to use it in the game.

Looking forward to the future, WINNER will continue to lead the trend of the chain game market. Its strong asset preservation ability, rich gameplay, and highly deflationary economic mechanism will provide a solid guarantee for its stable development in the market. We believe that WINNER will continue to improve, attract more ecological and game guilds to participate in cooperation, lead more players to enter the world of chain games, and experience the fun and value brought by chain games. Create a new era of blockchain games with WINNER!

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